Underoath @ The Rave
Milwaukee, WI

Underoath brought their entire catalog of songs with them on tour to support their brand new and fire album, “Erase Me.” The Rave was a perfect setting for this spectacle. A sizable room with history and a stage that can take the beating of equipment and 6 rockers. The stage was one of the most incredible set ups I have seen in years. 2 separate platforms one for keyboard and samples. The other for drums. Backed by huge light boards that run the entire stage length above and below it. The whole stage was illuminated in a multitude of colors all set. Please see images below. No explanation of mine could do it justice. It was that cool.

Due to an injury to a member of the direct support band, Underoath played and extended set list. It included songs that they have openly said they hadn’t played in years live. One of the coolest parts as a photographer was they gave us unlimited time in the photo pit to shoot. Not that I really needed it past 2 or 3 songs, but it is a nice and welcomed gesture on the bands behalf.

Truly though, this is a show I will remember for a long time. They were so on point and extremely tight in their execution. The mix of old with the new especially out of the gates with “On My Teeth” leading into “Young and Aspiring.” They basically signaled their gratitude towards long time fans, but gave those unfamiliar outside of their more recent stuff something to enjoy as well. Every song hit with maximum impact. Spencer Chamberlain’s vocals were stronger than ever. So precise in his delivery you could swear you were listening to their albums. The bands consistent engagement with those in attendance may set them apart from from their fellow genre peers. In my experience having the entire band hugging the edges of the stage for a full performance is a rarity. 

On the upper level, Aaron Gillespie slayed. The guy absolutely destroyed his kit. Every snare hit was clean and you felt it. In between slaps he would look up and share a multitude of facial expressions and smiles. Across from him, keyboardist Chris Dudley, laid out all digital aspects while dishing out a massive amount of head bangs. Every flash of light was a silhouette that looked like an artistic take. It was wild.

Even when the band dialing back for the acoustic cover of “Heart Shaped Box”, it hit. Everything hit. A longer set with very few gaps is extremely nice. Every ounce of energy they had was expended. This was a perfect performance and evening of music and fan appreciation. After seeing this Underoath, could hit the road without any support bands and crush it. If anything this proved it. 

Set List:
On My Teeth
Young and Aspiring
In Regards
Breathing In
Blue Note
Dangerous Business
Desperate Times

I Hate It
Reinventing Your Exit
It Has To Start
No Frame
Too Bright
I Gave Up
Heart Shaped Box
Writing on the Walls

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