I am Justin, but everyone calls me Juice. 

Since 2002, I have been dealing with an incurable cancer. Having many surgeries and chemotherapies, the cancer persisted and actually became much worse in 2007. I was given 8 months to live at that point. With a trial chemotherapy that wrecked my brain and my body, I am left with some impaired cognitive functions and physical limitations. Hard work and fight drive me. Plus pairing my love of all things music with photography and writing helps me out immensely. You know, the purpose of this entire website.

This creative outlet allows me to use my brain. It also attempts to keep me active as long as my body will let me. The music review section is the outlet I actually work the hardest on. I am still re-learning the use of punctuation and basic English language skills. My long term memory is shot and the short term isn't much better, so I write a lot of notes. This is a major reason I write my blog/review as it being my experience within the actual event. I appreciate every moment of this journey and I hope everyone of you reading this does as well. 

Photography Associations

Knotfest.com (Image contributor)
Forward Madison FC (USL1 Pro Soccer)
MiLB.com (Nationwide freelance)
Beloit Skycarp (High A MiLB Pro Baseball)
Breese Steven Field Events (Venue)

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