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Freelance Photographer for:

MiLB.com (Universally credentialed)

My Story

It all started at a Minor League Baseball game. My friend lent me a his camera for an inning. After that I was hooked. I use it as an escape from my everyday problems. I am a 2 time cancer survivor that is now on number 3(Angiosarcoma). The medications and chemotherapies have caused such problems with my mind and body, that I have a lot of daily issues. I basically have 3-4 good hours a day without meltdowns or pain problems. Those issues are worked on through this website and photography projects. While I am not an English major, the blog and other pages, allow me to relearn a lot of things that have been forgotten. I am a relentless worker and a perfectionist, yet remain a work in progress, but very few people carry the chip on the should that I do. You kind of have to be to have survived the things I have. Please enjoy my work.

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