About Me

House Photographer for:

Madison Mallards Baseball Club
Forward Madison FC
Breese Stevens Field, Madison, WI
Shake The Lake, Madison, WI
Yum Yum Fest, Madison, WI
Curd Fest, Madison, WI

Freelance Photographer for:

Minor League Baseball (Universally credentialed)

My Story

My name is Justin. My journey in photography started because of my boredom. I have an incurable form of cancer called Angiosarcoma. Post multiple surgeries, I bought a super cheap Nikon kit and took it with me everywhere. I went to many minor league baseball games. My baseball snaps just looked different from everyone else's images. It caught the eyes of a few people. A month later I was invited to snap in the Major League photo wells. From there I became obsessed. I ventured into areas of photography I never even thought about. Photography has taken me on a journey of creativity and discovery.
The surgeries have left my muscles destroyed. Everyday is extraordinarily painful. Which is why my doctors said the most I can lift is my cameras weight. I struggle with my cancer and chronic fatigue daily. It is an extremely hard balance. I get a good 3 hours of being fully functional in the day. Which is why everything is spaced out so much for me. As of now the cancer for the moment is holding off from killing me, but it is still there. This may seem like a sob story to some, but it isn't. It is a realization of life and how to live within the confines of it's heartaches. This website is a collection of my work over years with all of these restrictions. 

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