Thank you for allowing me to continue on with being a contributor. It is, as always an honor and a privilege.

Health Update

Sorry it has been a while. I have been really sick the past 2 months and the recovery has been slow. As most know this project was started because of my cancer related issues and my recent check up says I am winning. Which means I can focus more on this site than before. That is the exact plan. I need to fix a lot of pages with things ranging from bad uploads to missing reviews. After all of that I will be reaching and posting stuff from the unseen archives.

Cattle Decapitation

Legendary extreme metalers, Cattle Decapitation invade Chicago's House of Blues on December 5th. They bring along Immolation, Sanguisugabogg, and Castrator. 

Tickets Available HERE
Cattle Decapitation Website HERE
Immolation Website HERE
Sanguisugabogg Website HERE
Castrator Website HERE

Fit For An Autopsy / Exodus

The Forge in Joliet, Illinois is hosting this fantastic metal brew ha-ha on December 2nd. Up and comers FFAA paired with thrash legends Exodus, yeah, that is a good time.

Tickets Available HERE
Fit For An Autopsy Website HERE
Exodus Website HERE


Carnifex return to The Rave in Milwaukee, WI on Nov. 4th. They arrive armed with a brand new album Necromanteum

Tickets available HERE
Carnifex Website HERE


The legendary metal outfit TOOL perform at the shiny new Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, WI and I will be there covering it for I will provide a link to the coverage once it posts. Website HERE
Tool Website HERE
Tickets available HERE

Raven Black

Raven Black and The Black Hollows Tour come to Janesville, WI for The Back Bars Halloween Bash. Costumes and metal equal a good time.

Tickets available HERE
Raven Black Website HERE
Cultus Black Website HERE
Casket Robbery Website HERE

Black Veil Brides/ Ville Valo

BVB and Him legend Ville Valo are making their stop at The Slyvee in Madison, WI on October 9th. Armed with multiple albums worth of material the show will be one to watch.

Tickets are available HERE
Black Veil Brides Website HERE
Ville Valo Linktree HERE


Nu-metalers Taproot return to the road and have been tasked to perform at the re-opened Apollo Theatre AC. 

Taproot website HERE


The legendary Cavalera brothers storm into Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI. Touring on a dual re-recorded releases of their classic Sepultura albums Morbid Visions and Bestial Devastation. In tow with them are Exhumed, Incite, and Morta Skuld.

Tickets available HERE
Cavalera Website HERE


Oklahoma noise metalers smash their way into the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI on Thursday 09/28. Coverage soon after the show. Also on the bill are Nerver and Nightosphere

Majestic tickets are HERE
Chatpile Website HERE

Riotfest - Chicago

My Knotfest coverage of Riotfest is available now. Please go check out the gallery. It was and incredible experience with killer performances.

Knotfest at Riotfest

Riotfest Chicago

BabyLok tour

The BabyMetal and Dethklok tour will be hitting the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI on Sunday September 24th. Coverage available after the performance.

Babymetal Website
Tickets are available here

The Melvins / Boris

King Buzzo and the legendary Melvins come ripping through The Rave with fellow rippers Boris.
Tickets HERE
The Melvins Website
Boris Website

Corey Taylor

The legendary vocalist will be performing at the famous halls of The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. 

Tickets available HERE
Corey Taylors Website HERE

Alter Bridge / Sevendust

What a powerful combination of bands. Match that with the historic confines of The Rave in Milwaukee, WI and you have one magical evening instore for yourself.

Alter Bridge Website
Sevendust Website

Knotfest / Rock Fest

The Rock Fest Wisconsin coverage is live on Knotfest. I had such a wonderful time covering an event that means so much to me. Rock Fest WI coverage.

Godsmack / Staind

American Family Amphitheater on Saturday August 13th will be the spot to be. The fire filled sets will fill up the evening while the well know touring warriors of Godsmack blast their brand of metal out over Lake Michigan.

Godsmack Website
Scars Foundation Website
Staind Website


Notorious funny man Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias performs a rare set full of new material to the Beloit area. ABC Supply stadium used as the backdrop.

Bon Iver

Breese Stevens Field plays host to one of Bon Iver's Summer festival run of shows. I am lucky enough as the house photographer to cover this event as the only photographer. Be prepared to see my images dispersed out into the World. I graduated and played football with Justin Vernon so it will be a nice small world moment for myself.



Pantera is performing at American Family Amphitheater in Milwaukee, WI. I am extremely happy to cover the legendary band once again.

Jason Mraz

Jsaon Mraz will be performing his fan favorites at Breese Stevens Field this Friday 7/28

Rockfest in Cadott WI

Once again my people over at Knotfest have enlisted me to cover Rockfest. Pantera, Slipknot, and Godsmack headlining this bill it was hard to not want this again. See you at Rockfest, Knotfest faithful!

Milwaukee Metal Fest

Jamey Jasta has brought back the legendary festival after a long hiatus. I will be there covering it for the folks over at Knotfest. With the likes of Lamb of God, Biohazard, Machine Head, Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, Shadows Fall and so on.

Apollo Theater Collapse

I just wanted to say I was there in the building. Mentally it is still a lot to wrap my head around and it is still all really confusing. I am progressing through it with a therapy session and being completely open with people. Wind isn't kind and we had another thunderstorm the next night and it was rough. I am sure deep down those traumas will stick with me for forever. Physically my body isn't recovering from everything I had to do that night. I am beat every minute of the day and going to the chiropractor often to relieve some issues for a few days atleast. There is a part of me that wants to release my full story, but the KNOTFEST crew were gracious enough to post part of my experience and get people that need it attention. I am forever indebted to Chris and Ramon for giving me that option. I highly recommend reading it to understand where I am at. I will be back to attempting to cover shows in May so fingers crossed I land some cool stuff. Getting this website fixed and figuring out why my reviews are not posting is also on the checklist. If anything do me a favor and tell your loved ones how much you care. Life changes in an instant.

Knotfest article HERE


Hello everyone,

2022 was a banner year. I started this project as a music only outlet about a year ago. It was all or nothing with it. This year has been amazing. Knotfest picking me up for Rockfest, a festival I always went to has been the highlight without a doubt. They also hooked me up with a ton of other events such as the legendary Slipknot and Ghosts performance in Green Bay, WI I have to thank them over and over for the experiences. I have to thank the club I associate with and the athletic venues as well. For allowing me to take time to accomplish these goals has done nothing more than making me hungrier than before.

So where does that leave me right now? Currently, there are not many shows going on in the area, so I have decided to pull back the website for a month and figure out why items are not being posted and disappearing all together. It makes me look like an idiot when I have to send links out to publicists. If I have enough time within all of that I might continue to dig through my archives and post. The idea of completely changing my layout has also crossed my mind. Time shall tell.

In the end, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has approved, supported, encouraged, and pushed me. Without all of this I could not continue on with this journey.

Much Love,

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