Milwaukee Metal Fest

Jamey Jasta has brought back the legendary festival after a long hiatus. I will be there covering it for the folks over at Knotfest. With the likes of Lamb of God, Biohazard, Machine Head, Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, Shadows Fall and so on.

Rockfest Cadott

Once again my people over at Knotfest have enlisted me to cover Rockfest. With Pantera, Slipknot and Godsmack on the bill it was hard to not want this. See you in July Rockfest and Knotfest faithful!

Apollo Theater Collapse

I just wanted to say I was there in the building. Mentally it is still a lot to wrap my head around and it is still all really confusing. I am progressing through it with a therapy session and being completely open with people. Wind isn't kind and we had another thunderstorm the next night and it was rough. I am sure deep down those traumas will stick with me for forever. Physically my body isn't recovering from everything I had to do that night. I am beat every minute of the day and going to the chiropractor often to relieve some issues for a few days atleast. There is a part of me that wants to release my full story, but the KNOTFEST crew were gracious enough to post part of my experience and get people that need it attention. I am forever indebted to Chris and Ramon for giving me that option. I highly recommend reading it to understand where I am at. I will be back to attempting to cover shows in May so fingers crossed I land some cool stuff. Getting this website fixed and figuring out why my reviews are not posting is also on the checklist. If anything do me a favor and tell your loved ones how much you care. Life changes in an instant.

Knotfest article HERE

New Shows 

A few new shows will be updated very soon.
2/26 Fleshgod Apocalypse, Obscura, Wolfheart, Thulcandra at The Forge
2/28 Bayside at The Rave 
03/05 Soulfly at Turf Club


Here we are 2023. A new year for all of us to enjoy killer music and live performances. A lot of new things have been in the works for myself and I am proud to say this page will continue to be my outlet. I cannot thank you all enough for taking me on this journey. also in the works is my Nuoffer sport outlet. I started with baseball and I will 100% continue with baseball.


Hello everyone,

2022 was a banner year. I started this project as a music only outlet about a year ago. It was all or nothing with it. This year has been amazing. Knotfest picking me up for Rockfest, a festival I always went to has been the highlight without a doubt. They also hooked me up with a ton of other events such as the legendary Slipknot and Ghosts performance in Green Bay, WI I have to thank them over and over for the experiences. I have to thank the club I associate with and the athletic venues as well. For allowing me to take time to accomplish these goals has done nothing more than making me hungrier than before.

So where does that leave me right now? Currently, there are not many shows going on in the area, so I have decided to pull back the website for a month and figure out why items are not being posted and disappearing all together. It makes me look like an idiot when I have to send links out to publicists. If I have enough time within all of that I might continue to dig through my archives and post. The idea of completely changing my layout has also crossed my mind. Time shall tell.

In the end, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has approved, supported, encouraged, and pushed me. Without all of this I could not continue on with this journey.

Much Love,

Thank You for the opportunity at being a contributor.

WJJOs Taste of Madison

Well I had a pleasant email in my inbox today. I will be one of the few photographers to be credentialed. The 2 day event over Labor Day weekend. The event highlights artists such as Daughtry, Nonpoint and Yung Gravy.

Rock Fest Cadott, WI 

Well kids, I am going to accomplish one of my goals that I set out for when I started all of this. I will be covering Rockfest WI for it is a thrill and honor to do so. Coverage to come.

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