The Annex
Madison, WI

Incantation headlined a riveting performance at The Annex. The Event was hosted by Midwest Mix-Up.

1. Concordat (The Pact) I
2. Rites of The Locust
3. Carrion Prophecy
4. Shadows of The Ancient Empire
5. Fury’s Manifesto
6. Homunculus (Spirit Made Flesh) IX
7. Blasphemous Cremation
8. Ascend Into The Eternal
9. Chalice (Vessel Consanguineous)VII
10. Oath of Armageddon
11. Ritual Impurity (Seven of The Sky is One)
12. Invocation (Chthonic Merge) X
13. The Ibex Moon
14. Impending Diabolical Conquest

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