Devour The Day

Devour The Day @ The Back Bar, Janesville, WI 11/03/2018

Rising from the ashes of what was left of Egypt Central in 2014, Devour the Day have managed to build up huge momentum over the last 4 years. Pumping out solid albums (Time & Pressure and Soar) backed by extensive touring in support and headlining the band are once again back at it with a new album freshly drop on October 26th. “Signals” is an album hard rock fans should be clamoring for. 

From the moment Devour The Day hit the stage a blast of pure energy moved through the packed Back Bar crowd. With the stage covered in black, orange and red, Devour The Day’s bassist and founding member Joey Chicago assertively and emphatically punishes the stage. While giving his weapon of choice a pounding, Chicago stomps, head bangs, and screams the lyrics all show from stage right and open center. Probably one of the more active artists on stage that I’ve seen in a long time.

Drummer Ronnie Farris was quite impressive back on his kit. The word I would use is efficient. I actually ended up watching him quite a bit more than the rest of the band. Quick and decisive on the handful of symbols set up and backed with strong strikes on the skins. A driving force behind the amazing show.
Giving an all out effort vocally, Blake Allison gave a performance that those in attendance will remember. When an artist can shoot the shit with the crowd and kick their ass at the same time it adds a level of personality that can only add to already being a fan. Allison accomplished this very easily when not up on the mic singing. He also had no problem walking to the edge of center stage and exchange high fives, smirk and even a drink early on in the set. I was just hoping he didn’t spill the drink on me seeing as it was right over my head. Nonetheless, the riffs were on point as were the vocals. 

Devour The Day just started touring for their newest album, but it was pretty straight forward that they were already a well oiled machine. Moving effortlessly through a multitude of fan favorites. Such as “Good Man”, “The Bottom” and “You and Not Me”. Even better though was the newest single “The Censor”. While I wasn’t able to get the full set list just know they performed all of the singles and a few surprises. I left the venue that night knowing I heard every song I wanted to and witness a band just starting to hit its stride. Bravo!

1. You and Not Me
2. Good Man
3. Faithless
4. Blackout
5. The Bottom
6. The Censor
7. Give It Up
8. Respect

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