Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI

There was only 1 location suitable for a show of this magnitude, the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI. Home to legendary performances since the 90s. Upper Midwestern life’s hardworking mentality and grit provided additional fuel for the fire. The night of the return of Dethklok was cool yet comfortable for a Fall evening in Wisconsin. The line to get into the venue stretched around an entire city block. The parking lots overflowed and street parking was non-existent. The chatter consisted of the setlist and Metalocalypse. Fans were eager to get their glimpse at the comedic metalheads live. Especially, since Dethalbum IV was released on August 22nd. It is still very fresh in people’s minds.

As the crowd filed into the massive multi-roomed venue, the courtyard was also packed with patrons. The beverage stands were packed and the line for the food trucks matched. Most impressively the merchandise booths have dual lines wrapping around the courtyard. When walking into the venue the bar room on the right-hand side was overflowing as well. The merchandise was hot and bought in bulk. The demographics of the fans were vast. The age range was impressive. Parents and children attended. Dethklok had become generational. It would be a major factor in how fast the concert had sold out. The 3,500-capacity ballroom swelled once the lights dimmed. One could barely walk around the room. The entire ballroom stage was black. The band themselves were on the stage bathed in that black and occasional red that moved across the room. Behind them loomed a massive screen that amazingly enough filled the entire length of the ballroom stage. It was a sight rarely seen at concerts held in the historic room. Projecting across the room on the gargantuan screen a warning about lighting and then in very Metalocalypse fashion it kicked into the cartoon and mocked everyone. You couldn’t have had a better and funnier intro to show they were back in their element. 

The show itself was rowdy. From the first note strummed by creator, vocalist, and guitarist Brendan Small the circle pit opened up wide. Bodies flew across the hardwood floors. The walls shook with every downstroke. Arms were raised and giving the metal horns at every turn. The Metalocalypse cartoon was of the same brilliance as the show. This iteration was an hour-long live event with no vocal commentary just those classic heavy riffs and gruff vocals. Every song was a different chapter being played above the band. The setlist for the most part was comprised of songs from their first album 2007s The Dethalbum. 10 of the 16 tracks were performed at this stop. It felt as if this tour was a reintroduction to the history of the band’s work. This reawakening was unique compared to the typical metal show. The Metalocalypse cartoon was the main focus of attention. Despite that, the band itself was tight and performed as a well-oiled machine. The efficiency of their set when matched with the entire hour-long episode was mightily impressive. The fans in attendance seemingly enjoyed the combination. 

Dethklok proved triumphant with their blending of art. You couldn’t have asked for a better venue to place this blended performance in either. There is no way one could ever miss another performance when they decide to tour again. With Dethklok being proficient in every aspect even the casual fan that attended would leave impressed. All in all, it was incredible all around. Us nerds got our cartoon fix and us metal heads got our head banging in. 

1. Deththeme
2. Briefcase Full of Guts
3. Birthday Dethday
4. Awaken
5. Bloodlines
6. The Gears
7. Hatredcopter
8. Dethsupport
9. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
10. Aortic Desecration
11. I Ejaculate Fire
12. The Duel
13. Murmaider
14. Thunderhorse
15. Fan Song

16. SOS
17. Go Into The Water

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