Whitney @ Majestic Theater, Madison, WI 11/29/2017
Whitney returns to the Majestic Theater for the second time in roughly a year and both times I attended. Both times I snapped shots. Only this time I didn’t accidentally delete my card while attempting to upload from my D750. Small victories to an excellent night. The thing I love about Whitney is their ability to be completely humble and talkative to a large room. The Majestic Theater is a 600 person sized venue. Both times Whitney has sold the room out. Each time the group has created an atmosphere of warmth and fun. As the crowd sways and dances with every song front man and drummer Julien Ehrlich delivers. Each break brings friendly some banter with the audience. Backed by fan favorites “No Woman” and “No Matter Where We Go” the set list was familiar to fans whether new or old. With soothing and smooth vocals coming from the stage the crowd enthusiastically sang along word for word. Adding in the guitar licks of Max Kakace, Whitney put on one heck of a show. Backing them up were 3 artists with the ability to play multiple instruments through the set which created a much fuller sound being projected for the stage. Overall, Whitney is a bright and warm breath of fresh air. This up and coming group do not disappoint. I can easily say I will see them when they return again.

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