The Red Zone
Madison, WI

The Annex is a great place to catch young and rising acts. The room may be smaller but they can pack people in. Generally, the lighting is abysmal there, but Uncured had it lit up pretty well. There were 4 road cases stamped with the band’s name across the front of the stage and a massive Uncured banner across the back of it as well. I honestly have never heard of Uncured before. I came for one of the earlier acts, to be honest. I am glad I stayed to watch because these guys kicked major butt. The level of shred by the Cox brothers, Rex and Zak were through the roof. I was hooked. These two brothers did it all. Splitting some vocal duties, lead guitars, rhythm guitars, and so on. Most importantly they were fully engaged with the crowd pressed into the stage barrier. Micah Smith was stage right ripping it up with Earth rattling bass tones. The man felt every note and commanded the stage and attention. Drummers are the tempo and driving force of every band’s life force. Nobody was happier and more focused on the task at hand than JP Vega. He swung the stick threw the air with ease. 
Overall, the song themselves were damn fine. Very rarely do I attend a show and find hidden gems, but these guys hit the nail on the head with that assessment. After the show, I met the guys at the merch table. Bought up their 3 albums for a $20 deal that included the newest album that wasn’t even released at that time. Fantastic stuff. I would go check these guys out again in a heartbeat and now I will have at least given myself a good lesson in the Uncured catalog.

1. My Heart is Bleeding
2. All Alone
3. Myopic
4. Cut Me Open
5. Take Me Away
6. I Won’t Break
7. We Are The Antidote
8. Living Like I’m Dead
9. (Dueling Guitar Solos)
10. Set The World Ablaze

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