Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind @ Coronado PAC
Rockford, IL

To say I was excited for this show would be an understatement. I have been on the Third Eye Blind band wagon since their debut album in 1997. The first concert that I was allowed to go to with my friends and no parental chaperone along. My ex and I still to this day go to 3eb shows because it is our thing. In fact we went to this show together. They are one of those bands that have meant so much to so many people across the last 22 years. In fact the age range of those in attendance was quite large. Children decked out in 3eb gear to seniors enjoying an evening together.

The Coronado Theater is a historical location in downtown Rockford. The inside of the common spaces are covered in gold. Literally everything is covered in gold. The patterns and trim are extremely elaborate. Once in the hallway in front of the theater doors there is a massive set of mirrors that line the wall and run to the ceiling which is multiple floors. Multiple chandeliers line the rooms. When walking through the double doors to enter the theater you see velvet covered seats running from the back wall all the way down to the orchestral pit which was also lined with premium package seating. To say this venue is high class and beautiful would even then be understating it. The stage itself is massive. Light panels line the entire back of the stage. In front of those panels is an elevated stage with a drum riser and keyboard set up on the opposite end. At the front of the stage are three microphones . All in all it was a well planned out and simplistic set up. 

The band itself walked out onto the stage with smiles on their face. The crowd was eager. Everything was set up for a wonderful evening. The band didn’t disappoint. The set list covers their entire discography. Newer fans had a plethora of newer songs to enjoy, while those of us in the long time fan category had virtually every big hit and cult classic to enjoy. Despite that, they are out promoting their newest full length release “Screamer”. An album that literally screams out to me about the current social movements, hope and future to come.

This show had a little bit of everything. On drums, Brad Hargreaves, the longtime kit man, destroyed his kit. I mean he punished it. I had a unique view from about straight on. The best part was the smile on his face. How can you not enjoy watching a band if they aren’t enjoying it themselves. Stephan Jenkins gave all of his usual facial expressions, but seemed to be more into the business of kicking ass. With his collar up and sharp glares, Jenkins had the look of a rock n’ roll enlightened man. By the end, you could tell he was physically exhausted. Covered in sweat and giving a smirk while walking off the stage. He literally gave it his all. It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

3 Best songs:
Kids Are Coming - The song itself is so up beat and projects that sense of hope lyrically. The light panels in the back ran through several faces of young and inspiring activists. Most notably Greta Thunberg. The song was accompanied an extremely strong vocal performance by Stephan Jenkins. He sang it with a ton of heart and power. The sound was flawless. You could pick up each and every word sung. Also my entire section at the time, either had their hands up and waving in the air or were dancing.

Motorcycle Drive-by - Pretty much another song that full engaged the crowd in a sing-a-long. Front and center on the stage Stephan Jenkins stands with a dimly lit spot light overhead. There he plays on his acoustic an ever so calming lead riff. From there he softly echos his words over the 2,300 seat theater. With ease he then builds up to the time signature change and the full band joining in. It was a rock show again. Lights blast from behind the stage illuminating each artist. This song instilled a feeling that was only enhanced by hearing the vocal sensitivities from the one whom wrote it. Bravo!

Semi-Charmed Life - An obvious pick. When one of the best songs of a decade is in your set list it will wind up as an instant favorite. The entire room erupted when the guitar riff kicked in. Every single person in the building was singing at the top of their lungs and bouncing around. In fact it was so loud the band themselves didn’t have to even sing the words. Behind the band the light panels lit up spelling out “Third Eye Blind” in 3 separate columns. That light spread across the room with the smokey haze engulfing the entire stage. It was an awesome effect.

Set list:
Thanks A Lot
Never Let You Go
Can You Take Me/London
Kids Are Coming
Walk Like Kings 
Slow Motion
Motorcycle Drive-by
How Soon Is Now/Another Life/Palm Reader
Anything/Say It/Crystal Baller/Blinded
Light It Up
Semi-Charmed Life
Hows It Going To Be?

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