Sum 41 @ The Apollo Theatre
Belvidere, IL

Pop-punk legends Sum 41 came to The Apollo Theatre to finish off a long tour with a blast. It was by far the largest crowd I have ever seen there. It was so busy that the line to enter the building was down around the corner at one point. The bar room was so full it was almost impossible to grab yourself a beverage. There was no doubt it was going to be an extremely fun night of people watching and kick-ass tunes.

Their new album “Order in Decline” is a real banger. Punk hit after Punk hit filled the album. Their live show has become so impressive. It is obvious that with their maturity as musicians came a setlist of material that covers all types of Sum41 fans. They had a song off of nearly every album. Their album “Chuck” had more than their fair share though. It was in dedication to it having been released 15 years ago. As for the stage setup, it had zero front lighting, but there was a ton of fast and bright lighting that spread around and flashed from small mounts that stood around the width of the stage. You will see the effects in my images posted below.

Upfront along the edge during the entire show was the 3 original members frontman Deryck Whibley, guitarist Dave Baksh, and Bassist Cone. In the back, Tom Thacker was on a platform playing guitar, keys, and singing back up. Next to him, drummer Frank Zummo slammed his kit with efficiency all night. He is a helluva drummer and extremely entertaining to watch crush it. Whibley though was in true rock star form. He gave no guff and was 100% effort while running all over the stage. The vocals were strong and precise which is quite amazing considering this was the end of the tour. Baksh, slew his tasty solos and crafty riffs while spending most of his time standing up on a thick metal stand located next to his microphone on stage left. With his tall and lanky physique, Cone had no problem swinging his bass and delivering those floor-shaking strokes. All night he primarily had one foot up on his metal stand while singing into his microphone. They were completely in sync and fun as can be.  

With a plethora of sing-a-longs throughout the night, Sum 41, mixed in a great lighting display backed by the occasional CO2 cannon burst at the front of the stage. When it was time for “Fatlip” graffiti shot across the room filling up the entire air above the GA section.
In the end, this show had a little bit of everything.  This is a huge reason they are still an extremely successful band after all of these years and why I would highly suggest checking them out if you ever get the chance. You never know what songs they are going to play or how funny the commentary in-between songs are. All I know is the aches and pains of adulthood disappeared during the enjoyment I had watching and listening to songs of my youth being performed. Sum41 reminded me of why I love them so much. 

Set List:
Turning Away
Hell Song
Motivation - 88
Fake My Death
We’re All To Blame
Some Say
Out For Blood
New Sensation
Walking Disaster
Makes No Difference
No Reason
Over My Head
In Too Deep
Still Waiting
Machine Gun
Pain for Pleasure (Listed but not played)

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