Starset @ The Sylvee
Madison, WI

I am going to preface this by saying I LOVE Starset. I have had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with them before. I once covered Starset performing an acoustic gigs for WJJO at the Leinie’s Lodge in Chippewa Falls, WI. Dustin, their vocalist and song writer, is one interesting fellow. I could’ve talked to that guy for hours that day. Flash forward a few years and here we are, The Sylvee. One of the most modern and incredible venues in the country. Madison truly is spoiled with that venue. Starset put the full demonstration on display. Lasers, light boards, suits, CO2 and more. If there is anything Starset is known for live, it is the theatrics of their show. Their albums are a journey off into the expanse of space and time. The merging of those two things formed a creative need to blow the doors off of every predetermined concert concept that exists. This is where Starset destroys every perception of them being just another rock band. Their strings portion of the band blends with the atmospherically astounding lighting during most of the show. Having them in those dark corners keeps their exquisite playing as an additional layer to the aurora in place. It is so well timed out that if you are simply watching it makes your head spin with the multitude of concepts and meanings they are trying to disperse amongst the crowd. The entire band dons matching white and gray outfits that give off vibes of an almost Mad Max desolate future. Match that with the setlist and it is all the feels one could ask for. During their first break they came out and went old school on everyone changing the entire tone of the show by going old school Starset by rocking the spacesuits. My interpretation of the two halves of the show are this: First half was a destruction and the second half was a discovery and survival phase. Everyone interprets things differently. All in all, the performance was about an hour and 50 minutes long. Despite that, the crowd clamored for more after they finished. It was so sonically pleasing you couldn’t help, but want more. I have seen them before but never with the full stage show it was either outdoors of acoustic. Pretty amazing show.

1. Intro
2. The Breech
3. Where The Skies End
4. Infected
5. Carnivore
6. Let It Die
7. Trials
8. Manifest
9. Echo
10. Monster
11. Point of No Return
12. It Has Begun
13. Earthrise
14. Satellite
15. Devolution
16. For Whom The Bell Tolls  (Metallica string cover)
17. Ricochet
18. Die For You
*Encore Interlude*
19. My Demons

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