Apollo Theatre AC
Belvidere, IL

The Apollo Theater AC was bumping on this Saturday night. There was plenty of buzz in the air. Covid concerns were not an issue. The night was young and the chaos was palpable. The venue has a wide-open floor on the main level and a balcony with limited seating above. On the other side of the building, a full-service bar was packed full of black and leather-wearing patrons. Back on the main floor, the merchandise tables were littered full of tour shirts and trinkets like patches. The line stretched about 20 deep. Behind the table stood Richie Cavalera, the Incite front man. He was so friendly and accommodating. If there is anything that needs to be known about the Soulfly tribe and Max Cavalera, the business is about family. The entire family is involved in some sort of way. In all honesty, it is quite noble. 

Their set list covered their entire discography. All 10 albums. Their current release “Ritual” is the clear focal point of this tour. It was a pure thrash and metal treasure trove of gems. They even added Seek n’ Strike on the fly. With Max Cavalera on vocals, you hear his unique cadence and rich dialect while performing into a microphone on a stand featuring a gas mask. It was fitting since the Brazillian-born legend brought nothing but fiery precision and launched vocal missiles into the rowdy crowd. Off to his right, Marc Rizzo slashed through lead riffs and laid down some nasty solos. The guitar maven had no problem jumping through the air and leaning out for photos while dishing out that sonic goodness. Across the stage on the low end, Mike Leon strummed away. He flipped his hair and screamed the chorus’ while distributing brutal ground-shaking bass lines that encouraged the massive circle pit that filled the center of the old theater. His rhythm partner, Zyon Cavalera, dished out quick snare snaps and boisterous tom smashes. He seemingly punished his kit for simply existing. While performing though, he often pointed his sticks at audience members and smiled all the way through. Zyon sat perched on a small drum platform next to the rest of the band’s amplifiers. These amplifier rigs and drum platform were covered in camouflage netting that ran the entire length of the stage. Draped from the rafters of the stage was a massive backdrop featuring the cover of “Ritual” prominently.  

Everything was aesthetically eye-pleasing. On the main floor, steam was rising from the mosh pits activities that were being egged on by the storied frontman. The crowd enthusiastically engaged in it all night long. Even the balcony was shaking from activity. If anything one could say the Northern area of Illinois was a Soulfly tribe hot spot. In the end, the warmth and love of the fandom inside allowed everyone to leave feeling full and ready to embrace another Winter’s night. 

Set List:
Jumpdafuckup/Eye For An Eye
Blood Fire War Hate
Seek N Strike (added on stage)
Dead Behind The Eyes
No Hope = No Fear
Get Up Stand Up(Bob Marley cover)
The Summoning
Under Rapture
Back To The Primitive
Rise of The Fallen
The Prophecy
Outro (Iron Maiden instrumental cover)

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