Snakehips @ Majestic Theater, Madison, WI 11/02/2017

The internationally recognized duo arrived in Madison missing James due to health reasons. Nonetheless Oliver went out and worked the 300+ in the crowd. Armed with a mix drink and his gear he spun multiple songs created by the duo. Many were new over the last few months. Having accidentally run into Snakehips tour manager he offered for me to snap a few shots on stage right behind him while he worked. As the opportunist that I am I snatched the chance up. From there I moved back out to the packed floor. As everyone moved around dancing I sat back and enjoyed the fist pumps and antics displayed up on stage. Playing their Worldwide hits “All of My Friends” and “Don’t Leave” the room erupted with screams and joyous laughter. While spinning all of the UK chart topper under their belts it was only backed by a fantastic light set up. A platform with a rolling screen siting the bands name illuminated the room. Paired with backing pink, purple and white lights setting the vibe, Snakehips was a rather pleasant surprise. If a fan of EDM or DJs I would highly suggest seeing them next time they come around.

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