P.O.D. @ WJJO Studios, Madison, WI 11/29/2018

Once again, I had the honor of attending and clicking an in studio appearance with WJJO Madison. The Johnny and Greg Half Assed Morning Show is extremely popular and extremely funny. The Gentlemen from P.O.D cracked plenty of their own jokes and even poked fun at the DJs themselves. The off air banter is really where events like this are fun. Stories and conversations of broad topics always pop up. For instance: We found out that P.O.D. took Linkin Park out on their very first tour. The guys personalities really shined and would’ve made even the casual fan perk up and listen. I was impressed and had a blast. 

As for the Performance, they played 4 songs(which are posted below). Arguably their biggest hit “Youth of the Nation” lead the event off. Requested by Johnny Danger, the band obliged an played the hit. It was a bit slower acoustically, but Sonny(vocalist) sang it with much heart and feeling. Kind of tugged at the heart strings. With how much is going on in the World today the songs meaning hits home more now than ever.

The final three songs are off of the two week old release “Circles.” They are extremely catchy. Listening to them made the head bob and body rock. Smooth is the best way to describe them. It was one of those small performances that packs a large punch. When I got home I put “Circles” on my album list. I guess it made a strong impact then.

1. Youth of the Nation
2. Always Southern California
3. Circles
4. Panic Attack

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