Motionless in White

Motionless in White @ Apollo Theatre
Belvidere, IL

Having worked on a tour in which Motionless in White were direct support, it has been a very neat experience following their progress. The remaining member are still extremely nice and hands on in the show experience. The macabre imagery and feel of the stage fits the overall essence of the show. Very little on the stage is lit up except the Jack-o-lanterns that are spread throughout. The stage lights up on occasion with red and blue strobes that pierce through the smoke cover. Visually it is quite the spectacle. 

One by one each member comes out onto the stage. Both guitarist are finely dressed up in dress shirts and slacks. Bassist and drummer are covered head to toe in black paint. Finally, out walks their vocalist Chris, whom is wearing a shirt that screams and homage to Beetlejuice and face make up similar to that of Marilyn Manson’s early days. 

3 Best Songs:
Undead Ahead 2 - A true rock symphony in a nice and tight 4 and a half minutes. A pumpkin headed character running around on stage adding to the initial excitement of starting the show as well. It was a masterpiece in chaos. 
Immaculate Misconception -  Its just heavy as hell. It made the audience bounce up and down. From my vantage point in the balcony it looked like a huge wave of people moving front to back. From above the sound board I could also say it was the best sounding song of the evening.
Reincarnate - With this being the second song in the set it was basically continued on from the opener Undead Ahead 2. It was perfection though. For how heavy it is from the get go the room was buzzing. The entire band was head banging and doing in place spins as often as possible.

Set List:
Undead Ahead 2
Necessary Evil
Broadcasting From Beyond
Immaculate Misconception
Not My Type
Brand New Numb
Eternally Yours

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