Lilith Czar

Lillith Czar 
Trinity of Terror Tour
Oshkosh Arena
Oshkosh, WI

 This fresh musical venture by the former Voice contestant, Juliet Simms, was a welcomed experience. Having moved on from her successful past she created Lilith Czar. A powerful and fresh ride into the more than welcomed women’s rock movement. Along with her on this adventure is a gifted backing band. This combined force left the audience and myself wanting more.

As the band takes the stage, they are positioned near the band of the stage line. Only Lilith Czar’s mic stand sits front a center. In front of it is a small metal walkway that is lined with black and white rose bouquets. Lilith Czar walks onto the stage while a prerecorded poem plays through the PA. The stage was doused in red light. Czar, approaches the front of the stage in a slender red dress fitting the mood portrayed. Once she reaches her mic stand she yells into the mic and the band kick into the opening song “Feed My Chaos.” There was no better way for them to open the show. Just a grab your attention song that was backed up by Czar’s movements across the stage. She utilized the space between roses on the metal walkway to kneel down and create a visual moment. Throughout the set, this was a reoccurring theme. It also resonated with her choice of songs for this performance. The setlist was littered with emotionally charged songs about love, growth, and independence. She covered Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.” Having seen Stevie Nicks perform before I can see the massive influence she has upon Czar. “Unholy” was a perfect encapsulation of a fierce and precise display of vocal acuity and control. Attention wasn’t asked for but commanded. 

Through the years I have seen Juliet Simms perform. Whether it was in Automatic Love Letter or on her solo run, I knew she was a tremendously gifted performer and songwriter. This performance under her Lilith Czar moniker was something far more special. I look forward to catching her again in May.

1. Intro Poem
2. Feed My Chaos
3. 100 Little Deaths
4. Unholy
5. Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks Cover)
6. Diamonds to Dust
7. King
8. Anarchy

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