Jinjer @ Apollo Theatre
Belvidere, IL

This Ukrainian foursome came into the Apollo Theatre just days before their highly anticipated album, “Macro” is to be released. The line to enter the venue was all the way down the street and it buzzed with excitement. As soon as I got through the security I turned to the right to buy a tour shirt and there was already a sizable line. Safe to say the excitement this unique metal band has developed has blown up over the last year. I was at their Route 20 show just a year earlier and they were direct support to Devildriver. Regionally, a lot of people discovered who they were that day. Without a doubt that tour lead to a good chunk of the ticket sales for this gig.

The line to enter the venue started around noon. Once doors were about to open it led down the street. A clear sign of the anticipation. Another telling sign of the bands recent success was the never ending merchandise line. I managed to snag myself 2 more shirts. Pretty darn reasonably priced in the World of band merch too. 

The photography pit was over packed with photographers. Many whom had no clue who they were until the tour was announced. Seeing as this is one of my favorite bands out there I already knew where I needed to claim my spot at. After my first time snapping them at Route 20 a year previously, I had a few types of images I wanted to get that I missed last time through. Needless to say I landed everything I wanted and more. I was more excited to hear the new tunes. “Judgement” and “On The Top” had just been released, but “Retrospection” was also in the play list and I was savoring the chance to hear them all played live. The other cool thing was they also released “Micro” right after their previous US tour. Having performed “Ape” already I wanted to more. Which they basically play the entire EP just not “Micro”. Every album but their very first full length “Inhale, Don’t Breathe” had something off of it. They couldn’t have picked a more perfect set list. 

The band themselves are the total definition of a well oiled machine. Very few performers are as precise and fluid as musicians as this quartet. Eugene on bass is like watching art in motion. His emotion is written all over his face as he plays. His riffs are heavy, fast and accurate. He spends most of the show in roughly an area of five feet. From there he sways and stomps through sets giving the occasional fist in the air at the end of songs. Vlad, back on drums absolutely slays. His slaps are loud and well timed. He very rarely strays from looking either looking down on his kit or face forward. Often though, you catch him smiling and enjoying the moment.  Their guitarist, Roman, plays fast. He spent a lot of the time upfront and standing over the monitor head banging. Vocalist Tatiana, is arguably the best new voice in all of metal. Her vocal range is rather dynamic. Several people I know have asked, “Are her growls and screams as strong as the albums?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” She is a force to be recognized by her piers. All evening, Tatiana, blasted out crisp and strong screams while stomping her feet, head banging, flipping hair and flying high off of metal stands up front. Safe to say she embodies everything you want in front person.

This was probably the best concert I went to all year. This band is about as perfect as it get in my book. Their live show leaves you wanting more. Their catalog of albums are masterpieces. I highly suggest if anyone gets the chance to see them to purchase a ticket immediately. They will be back stateside in May so buckle up! I will be there.

Set list:
Teacher, Teacher
Sit, Stay, Rollover
I Speak Astronomy
Dreadful Moments
Who’s Gonna Be The One?

On The Top
Bad Water
No Hoard Value
Cloud Factory
Captain Clock

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