Jinjer @ Route20, Sturtevant, WI 11/12/2018

About a 10 months back I stumbled upon this CD. This CD was “King of Everything” by Jinjer. I happened to find it at my local library. Yes, my local library. I checked it out and then eventually bought a copy of it because it kicked so much ass and artists deserved to be paid for their work. As a photographer I get it. From their I also purchase their “Cloud Factory” which is an amazing disc. Past that having no clue the dynamic of this band I did a quick google and youtube check. I was blown away. This Ukrainian 4 piece had me extremely pumped to attend their show. 

Easily the most technically proficient band as a whole I have witnessed in a long time. The show was an absolute mastery of heavy metal. Its hard to pick out a handful of things that made the show so great. With that pointed out I’ll write out a few things. 

The stage is a foot off of the ground and the barricade is the width of a chair from it. So I managed to crouch in between there at center stage. It was great for photos, but once the pit started everything started to crash in. I clicked for 2 songs and got the hell out of there. The band took notice and gave me some awesome looks. Plus I’m sure it was appreciated.

They worked as a whole. Everyone knew their places and timings. I was blown away. Tati Shmailyuk the front woman took the stage and commanded attention. I was curious if what you see and hear is just as impressive in person. Needles to say, it was much more impressive. She kicked major ass. Using her full vocal range inbetween he brutal growl and screams proved to me she is one of the best metal vocalists out there. She isn’t afraid to get up in the crowds faces nor head bang heavily. Individually this band is so amazing. It was hard to watch one more than the other. Drummer Vlad Ulasevish pounded his low set kit. He was so fast and slick. Luckily I had an AA pass so I was able to get a little closer than others. This had me gawking ever so awkwardly at him punishing his set up. Standing stage left, bassist Eugene Kostyuk, crushed his thundering riffs. With his hair flying everywhere he swayed and let his finger smack each string with devastating accuracy. Then the precise execution by Roman Ibramkhalilov on guitar instantly created a frenzy in the pit. Admittedly, I didn’t get to watch too much of him letting it rip, but from where I was you could hear his play. 

Jinjer are that metal band that leaves you beat up and bruised. The best part is you just want more in the end. Playing their newest single “Ape” was a pleasant surprise as well. They have also announced an EP release for January so yall better be on the look out for this group. I love this band so much I dropped a hundred bones in on merch. #worthit

Set List:
1. Words of Wisdom
2. Ape
3. I Speak Astronomy
4. Dreadful Moments
5. Pisces
6. Whose Gonna Be The One
7. Perennial
8. Sit, Stay, Roll Over.

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