Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead @ Majestic Theater, Madison, WI  10/14/2017

Having seen Hollywood Undead multiple times across the years and never once having been disappointed I knew I was going to have a great time. This time though was the first time I have every seen them play in a club setting. With long time member Da Kurlzz recently departing the group I wondered if the dynamic would’ve changed. It didn’t change at all. In fact they came out stronger and seemingly much more cohesive as a band. With “Whatever It Takes” as the lead song off of their new album “V” HU had the sold out Majestic crowd riled up and bumping. Each front man made their entrance over the first 2 songs. It was nothing but pure energy from the get go. The musicians got through their third song of the set then ditched said masks. Once they left the masks sitting on their cabs they rolled right into a few songs from their debut and second albums. The crowd swayed back and forth of the packed floor all evening. Seemingly exploding when “Comin’ In Hot” the group then slowed everything down to pay homage to the recently passed music legend Tom Petty. In doing so, they covered the 1990’s hit “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”. It was excellently done. As soon as they were finished they rolled into 4 more songs before closing it out with a short encore. Finally, closing out the show with their popular tunes “Everywhere I Go” and “Hear Me Now”. With a mixture of songs from every album it was a show for the new and long time fan. All in all a very impressive night.

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