Gwar @ The Rave
Milwaukee, WI

The Legendary Gwar took to the road to celebrate 30 human years of their “Scumdogs of the Universe” albums. I have seen Gwar many, many times. I obviously knew what I was getting into when I requested a media credential. Their live shows are things of art, comedy and just downright good tunes. In the late 90s. my friends and I used to play this album during our parties and get togethers. It is a classic. When I read they were playing it live, I knew there was no possible way I could miss it. 

Musically, they are tight as they ever could be. After 38 years of constant touring and random shows how could they not be. Attending a Gwar show though is an experience. It is stand up comedy meet punk rock. As if the satirical styling wasn’t enough, you will get blood or piss on you. The come ready to hose everyone down. Their stage show is full of characters. Aliens, slaves and animals. Hell, they beheaded the president as always then eventually chased and fought a redneck. The Gwar experience is really something else. They even opened the show with their now passed on vocalists Oderus Urungus’s head being held out by current vocalist Blothar. Overall, bands members do not move around too much. If you had those costumes on you wouldn’t either. Their Earthling slaves do all of the work for them. During “The Years Without Light” one of the slaves slashed open a wolfs head. I took a direct hit to the chest from the blood that blasted from the severed wolfs head. Once it snapped open a direct blast nailed me I was covered in blood. That is one of the main attractions though. Their stage show blasts anyone in range. The thing to do is buy a tour shirt or bring a white t-shirt with. Leaving the show you have a tie-dye shirt in hand. It has been a tradition amongst fans for decades now. There is just so much to watch and it is all great.

I highly suggest never missing a chance to see the legendary Gwar perform. Check them out atleast once in your life.

Set List:
1. The Salaminizer
2. Sick of You
3. The Years Without Light
4. I’ll Be Your Monster
5. Black and Huge
6. Love Surgery
7. Vlad The Impaler
8. Death Pod
9. Maggots
10. Horror of Yig
11. King Queen
12. The Private Pain of Techno Destructo
13. Cool Place to Park
14. Fuck This Place

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