Farewell To Fear

Farewell To Fear @ The Back Bar 02/23/2019

Once again another show at The Back Bar that I eagerly waited for. I heard about these guys through a friend of mine. That conversation eventually led me to downloading their “Voices” debut album. A fantastic spin. It really had me wondering if these gentlemen held up to that standard live.

Despite them being the direct support for the show it was quite obvious that most of the room was there to see them. Plenty of fans wearing F2F gear and waiting out the openers to have their spots up front for the performance. The change over was fairly quick despite a few problems on the venues end. The band wasted no time what so ever hitting the stage after everything was ironed out. Opening with “Dead Generation” couldn’t have been more perfect. It is a great song to get fired up to right away. I wasn’t the only one who thought so either. Vocalist Mike Craig gave an strong and spirited performance through out. Giving solid head bangs and a plethora of mic stand leans into the crowd to simply engage those up front. Personally, his best performance was during “Underneath My Skin”. It felt as though it had deeper meaning than the others on night. His vocals were so, so tight all night. 

All in all, Farewell to Fear are nothing more than a straight forward punch you in the mouth kick ass rock band. To say I am eagerly awaiting a return gig would be an understatement.

1. Dead Generation
2. Wake Me Up
3. Your Cure
4. Broken Wings 
5. Underneath My Skin
6. Let GO
7. Waiting For Sunrise
8. Diamonds
9. Voices

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