Eve to Adam

Eve to Adam @ The Back Bar, Janesville, WI  11/08/2018

Once again I find myself back at The Back Bar. I’m starting to really like the room. It is a challenge to snap in because of the lighting. Nonetheless I was pretty eager to get to snap a group of long time road warriors in Eve to Adam. The last time I saw these guys there were playing at Rockfest up in Cadott, WI. Just a straight forward rock experience that punches you in the teeth. Now I have the chance to get the whole club experience with them. I was thrilled.

When a group of artists are out front with the crowd supporting the opening acts you know you are in for a good night. Eve To Adam were those guys. With PBR tallboys in hand Eve To Adam hit the stage and fittingly open up with “Bender.” With Jeremiah Bennett and Jerry Morte lay down a fantastic back and forth that lasts all show long. Bennett sways and head bangs with dreads flying everywhere. Giving guitar leads and solos while providing some backing vocals, there was no skipped note on the evening. Morte on the other side wasn’t a push over either. Stepping to the front of the stage and getting right up infront of the crowd. Definitely stringing together picks and strums at the same time while holding the guitar out from his body giving at fantastic look to his impressive level of talent. Their brother on the low end of the scale, Llyn Nathaniel, steps on each light box and head bangs while deliver bass lines that are felt through out the venue. The rumble is in fine timing with the guitars. Back on the kit, Jeff Raines, pounds the skins. During the decisive slaps Raines give the sticks a twirl and throws up the devil horns to those watching. Finally, Taki Sassaris came out and absolutely owned on vocals. With pitch perfect precision he delivered a masterful performance. Whether it was in a straight jacket or his leather jacket, Taki, gave the crowd a ton of love. Even pointing out the veterans up front and shaking hands.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening with a great group of artists. Eve to Adam are one of those can’t miss acts. The energy from a group of guys who love playing music while engaging with audience members every song leaves you with a full feeling. Giving every ounce of enthusiasm and expertise during their 12 song set was extremely impressive. Afterwards the band shared birthday shots and plenty of friendly conversation with those left. Very down to Earth fellas.  

Set List:
1. Bender
2. Locked and Loaded
3. No Easy Way Out
4. Lucky
5. Emergency
6. Fortune Teller
7. Hurt Me
8. Landfill
9. Straight Jacket Landfill
10. Tongue Tied
11. Immortal
12. The Price 

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