Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die @ High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI 10/20/2017
In my experience when bands get towards the end of tours they try to cash it in and coast towards the end. Every Time I Die are definitely not those guys. They unloaded everything they had on the sold out crowd and the crowd overwhelmingly reacted in joy. Having been to plenty of shows at the High Noon I have never seen anyone crowd surf in the tiny venue. That streak ended with ETID on stage ripping through song after song. Safe to say the entire show was nothing but pure energy. Opening with “No Son of Mine” and leading it right into “Floater” lead to the first of dozens of crowd surfers throughout the evening. Guitarist Jordan Buckley hit note for note all night shredding while supplying the crowd with plenty of high fives, hand shakes, punk jumps and in your face guitar playing. It was none the more evident during the middle of the set by playing “Decayin’ With The Boys” and “Petal”. Vocalist Keith Buckley was on point all night. Encouraging the the circle pit to get opened up and people to crowd surf to the front of the room. At some points in the gig, Buckley shared vocal duties with the crowd surfers that actually made it up to the front making the event a truly fan friendly showing. Having played songs covering 16 years worth of albums it was easy to say that ETID are still just as powerful as the first time they came out. This show was so much fun and I am still aching from moving around so much. Fantastic night with a boss band.

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