Doyle @ Ruby Lounge, Madison, WI 11/24/2018

 Releasing “Abominator” in 2013, Doyle, extensively toured the country to back it. Presently with “Doyle II: As We Die” being released last year the same has accompanied it this Fall. The “As We Die. World Abomination Tour” is a 3 month long trek that has crossed the country and has finally made it’s way to Madison. It’s not everyday that a punk rock legend brings his own punk spook show through town. Let alone plays a small intimate venue like Ruby Lounge. Ruby Lounge is a tucked away gem in the college area of Madison. The basement room is heavily tinted ruby red and black for obvious reasons, but has a small elevated stage for all to see the performers. The lighting is dark but with plenty of rotating lights on the stage. Kind of the perfect room for such an event.

No time was spared when the band entered the stage area. They got straight to it. Ruby’s stage isn’t very large. The 8 cabs with Doyles caricature are spread with 4 on each side 2 on top of the others. The drum kit splits them in the middle of the stage. Leading with “Abominator” and it’s hard driving riffs and perfectly paced melodies, Doyle dishes out everything a punk, rock, or metal fan could ask for to start a gig. The rhythm section of drummer Wade Murff and bassist Brandon Strate force the audience to feel the energy from the get go. Every blood pushing bump is felt. This led to the pit opening up right away. Bodies were moving. I don’t think Ruby knew what it was in for. 

Having listened to “Abomination” for a few years now I was really anxious to finally hear the mean as hell vocals of Alex Story. Engaging with growls and barking loud vocals the “Wolfman” dominates the entire stage. Leaning over the monitors into the crowd he emphatically screams and howls into the microphone. Story defines the meaning of punk rock. With hair flips, jumps and mic throws he flashed what it takes to front a band. His collection of tats resemble a colorful tour of early punk history and his larger than life side burns only add to the Wolfman’s powerful presence. Story’s on stage banter such as “This song is a love song and you can dance to it if you want to.” was quite funny. Giving the die hards in the crowd much joy. 

The imposingly dominant figure of Doyle himself stands out front on the right of the stage. His muscular physique prominently on display as normal. I stood right in front of him for a bit and the physicality of his playing is easily noticeable. Down stroke after down stroke across his World famous Annihilator guitars forces your head to bang faster and faster. Far and away the star of the show, Doyle, lays down tasty riffs and chunky power chords. This ghoulishly monster figure stomps and walks around the stage swinging his signature “Devils Lock” with devilish smiles as well. He simply oozes with legendary punk experience.

Doyle was without a doubt in my mind a show worth attending. Everything was on point and tight. A classic performance in an excellent venue. You’d have to actually be dead to not check these guys out.

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