Devildriver @ Route20, Sturtevant, WI 11/12/2018

Strolling back into Route 20 for the second time in 3 days, I was completely hungry to snap in the room again. That anxiousness has only doubled with Devildriver as the band. I have listened to Devildriver from the beginning. Owning all 8 of their releases gave me more incentive to get off of my ass and try to photograph this event. There was no real photography area to snap from so it was a free for all to get a spot close enough to get a remotely decent angle. I did walk away satisfied with a few images I enjoy. Basically the name of the game in the long run. 

I was impressed with Devildriver’s calmness while hitting the stage. This impression was the definition of the phrase “seasoned pros”. I grabbed my position on the corner of the stage with the hopes of hearing 3 songs specifically. One of those songs I got right away “Hold Back the Day”. The song seemed to set the room off in an explosion. The mosh pit made a huge push towards the stage and flexed the barricades. With Dez Fafara giving those signature growls and screams the rest of the band bounced around head banging. It was not missed upon everyone in the building that Devildriver was there to kick their asses.

I love the song “My Night Sky”. It is simply a slow grinding mean as hell song that makes you swing your shoulders and slowly head bang. By nature I am an observant concert goer. Meaning I watch the show and normally don’t get caught up in it. This song had me doing all of those aforementioned motions.  

The intricate lead guitar riff only built the anticipation during the bands cover of AWOL Nation’s “Sail”. This was never a song I would’ve imagined being covered by a metal band, yet it completely works. It was done to perfection. I would almost suggest it sounds better this way. In the circle pit people would stop raise their hands and scream “sail”. With foot stomps and knuckle bumps Dez made sure the front row felt the love of the non drug approach to life that was spoken before the intro hit.  

Finally, it comes down to “Cloud Over California”. Which is ever so unfortunately fitting with all of the fires happening across the bands home state. The build up is the best part about the song. The lead riff exploded into well timed chugs. Judging by the crowds reaction I wasn’t the only one waiting for this metal masterpiece. It was apparent that the band had saved all of their stamina for these final two songs. The accuracy of the song was true to album. Sooooo good. It felt like they projected every immense amount of energy they had to close it out.

I was floored and tickled pink after the show ended. I felt great even though I just just had my ass kicked. With a few dates left in California I can only imagine they ratchet it up a bit. I am so jealous of those attending those shows.

Devildriver’s new album “Outlaws ‘till The End” is available now. 

Set List:

1. Ruthless
2. Hold Back The Day
3. Heartache
4. Whiskey River
5. Grin Fucked
6. My Night Sky
7. Sail
8. Hang Mans Noose
9. I Could Care Less
10. Clouds Over California
11. End of The Line

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