Cold @ Apollo Theatre
Belvidere, IL

This show popped up on my radar 2 months beforehand. I was ecstatic. I have been listening to Cold albums since 1999. Despite them being spread so far out over the years I have them all. The new title “The Things We Can’t Stop” is their first release in 8 years. The disc is another gem. The last time I saw Cold was back in the early 2000s. Since then I have found my hidden photography skills and I was not going to miss this chance to capture a favorite of mine.
The stage at The Apollo Theatre is wide and deep. At the back of the stage is a huge white screen that has the new albums cover projected unto it. The stage fills with smoke as the entire band minus Scooter Ward take their places on stage.  After a the crowds initial screams Ward hits the stage. Just as if it was 2000 again the band hangs back in the darker corners while the smoke haze floats all over the room. Scooter as he always has wraps seemingly 3 feet of cable around his arm while cupping the microphone in the way only he can. The face and musical heart of Cold stands right on the edge of the stage nearly the entire performance. The lighting is almost non-existent. 2 large strobe pulse and spread across the stage and room. The ambience if I dare say it felt cold and crisp. It was ever so perfect.
Musically, they were very tight and on point. Cold’s bassist Lindsay Manfredi sways and moves back and forth all while laying down thunderous rumbling. I think the best part is she delivers it with a smile and grin the entire performance. It was something to remember. Sam McCandless back behind drums after joining after the tour started was a special treat. The long time off and on member felt right at home back there. Scooter often walked back towards him and exchanged words in between songs. Guitarists Nick Coyle and Jonny Nova are precise and in tune with each other. They couldn’t have more contrasting styles. Nova, gives the vibes of extreme professionalism. He doesn’t run around a stage, infact he is upfront swaying and feeling every riff he is dishing out. Coyle, is a showman. He provides a different feel. The former lead vocalist of Lifer gives the audience something the others don’t. He provides that erratic bounce. Coyle uses as much as the stage as he possibly can. In the end it is extremely hard to not be impressed. Personally, they have only gotten better under this line up of musicians. They are able to harness the essence and heart of the music easily.
I am so glad I was able to document a group of artists that still care about the visual aspects of performing. Before the show I ran into Scooter and Manfredi, I simply exchanged hellos and nothing more. They stopped and took photos with fans as well. When the headliners are hanging out in the crowd watching the openers it just shows that they “get it”. The bands established name and history leave no doubt they are going to continue gain interest in what is almost deemed a comeback tour. Producing such an unbelievably amazing album to tour on should help garner that. I for one will be there if the come back through
3 Best Songs:
Remedy - One of Colds better songs in my opinion set the room on fire. The song was performed like you were listening to it on the album. The audience sang it loud and clear. A fantastic way to kick the evening off.
Stupid Girl - Frankly, I was amazed by this. I personally am not a big fan of this song compared to others off of this album. Nonetheless it is a fan favorite. The best part about it was Cold literally rewrote the entire song and performed it at a much slower pace. It was so unique. I actually saw an interview with Scooter talking about wanting to rewrite songs at times. I truly hope they re-record it this way someday for all to hear.
Just Got Wicked - There is no better way to come out for the encore than to play your most well known track. Scooters voice was dead on despite not screaming at full pitch to start it. Memorable doesn’t explain the feel of the room nor the bands perfection playing this song. 

Set List:
Everyones A Devil

Without You
No One 
The Break 
It’s All Good
When Angels Fly
Happens All The TIme
End of The World
Gods Song
Stupid Girl
Just Got Wicked
Feel It in Your Heart

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