The Rave
Milwaukee, WI

On a dark and chilly Wednesday night in Milwaukee, WI, a line of people dressed up in black with chains and their faces painted waited in a line stretched across The Rave parking lot. The fans were there for the chaos of Carnifex. The Rave 2  was the perfect room for this performance. The large and wide hardwood space is dimly lit and once the stage smoke started building up the overall atmosphere set in and the temperature rose. The stage was hazed over, but a simple row of 6 lights ran across the back and shined orange and red. On the front ledge, three metal risers were accompanied by smoke machines releasing the smoggy mist into the space.

Vocalist and band founder Scott Ian Lewis arrived on stage looking almost to have floated to the front and unleashed a hellish growl. Through the orange and strobed lighting, the glimpses of Lewis dishing out gestures related to lyrical content. His voice was full and angry. Off to the right of the stage, Niel Tieman the newest member slashed through riff by riff. His precision and technical prowess were matched by his counterpart across the stage. Corey Arford has been a stalworth at the lead guitar spot for this lineup and it showed. He picked his way through the classic album’s track efficiently and delivered it all with a grin. The pair were mightily impressive. The rhythm section delivered and fast pace and booming performance. Fred Calderon smashed his feet down and dropped low head banging and shaking the room on bass. His Acacia Gladius 5-string bass hummed and vibrated. The dark smoke-filled stage rarely gave a glimpse of drummer Shawn Cameron, but he demolished the skins. The snare pops filled the air while his double bass kicks rocked the historic floorboards of The Rave. 

Carnifex was on the road to honor 15 years of their first full-length release “Dead In My Arms”. The death metal journeymen have rocked the Rave a multitude of times. This time though the celebration delivered a unique experience. A front-to-back playing of their freshman debut. Frontman Scott Ian Lewis at one point informed the hellish crowd that they are even performing “A Winter’s Remorse” a song they have never performed live as a band until this tour. Special moments. Anniversary tours have turned into the best performances and dedications to one’s fan base and an artist’s work. This spectacle was absolutely worth attending and those that attended knew it as well.

1. Intro
2. These Thoughts Became Cages
3. Slit Wrist Saviour
4. Hope Dies With The Decadent
5. Lie To My Face
6. Love Lies in Ashes
7. A Winter’s Remorse
8. Collaborating Like Killers
9. My Heart in Atrophy
10. Dead in My Eyes
11. Dead in My Arms
12. Die Without Hope
13. Graveside Confessions
14. Drown Me in Blood
15. Hatred and Slaughter
16. Hell Chose Me

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