Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies @ Majestic Theater, Madison, WI 10/14/2017
Having seen the Butcher Babies on an outdoor festival tour a year before I was felt like seeing them in an indoor setting probably would’ve been much more beneficial for their live show. I wasn’t wrong either. Having a nearly pitch black stage except for random back lights blasting from all over the stage the band came out opening their set with “Burn The Straw Man”. Quickly after, Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepard growled through the newest single “Lilith” with the result of the newest song having the sold out crowd moshing and moving around the packed floor. The band as I describe as being “A cross of Nu Metal and Shock Rock” rolled effortlessly into two of their more popular songs “Monsters Ball” and “The Butcher”. With Guitarist Henry Flury (of Amen fame) out front head banging all while laying down riff on top of riffs the rockers poured into one song after another with very few breaks. Clearly, in an attempt to give the fans every minute of live music they could. Not many artists these days leave it all out there like that anymore.  The set list was compromised of songs across both of their previous releases along with their newest album “Lilith” which releases October 27th 2017. For an support act it is easy for me to say they brought it just as much as the headliner.
Burn The Straw Man
Monsters Ball
The Butcher
The Huntsman
Theyre Coming To Take Me/Igniter?Magnolia BLVD
Underground and Overrated

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