BurgerKill @ The Back Bar
Janesville, WI

The veteran Indonesian thrash hardcore kings came to the US to “kick ass and pick up fans where ever they can” atleast that is what they told me. Despite the sparse crowd they absolutely made fans out of those that were in attendance. When I arrived I had many different conversations with those involved in the show. The individual members each expressed their own love of playing across America. General consensus though was that every show so far was fun and they were just doing what they knew how to do. Which is playing fast and hard. I can easily say that wasn’t out of context at all. Collectively, BurgerKill do just that with such professionalism. 

As they come on to the extremely wide stage they waste no time starting up their short programmed intro. Instantly their faces went from smiling and happy to stone faced and ready for business. With an absolutely killer and action packed set list the attitudes matched it track for track. BurgerKill’s vocalist Vicky, is jumping and bouncing around the entire stage. Unleashing ferocious screams while grasping the mic with two hands nearly all evening. He was on a whole other level. Vocally, he was on point. He literally sounds like he does in their Youtube videos. Also sharing the middle of the stage is bassist, Ramdan. His picks were hard, clean and his stage antics were stoic at times. After the show he said how much he enjoyed the stage. It showed in his casual smile. On the first extremely cold day of the Fall they warmed up the room in no time.

My Overall impression of BurgerKill is extremely positive. I was almost too excited to see these guys and it was worth every penny spent. The band themselves are well conditioned for continued success. Watching theme perform even had me moving my body a bit. It is impressive because I am a watcher and don’t get into it too often. Their most recent release “Adamantine” is a must buy. I picked up their only copy on the table and haven’t taken it out of my CD player yet. It is so damn good. If anything this show further proved to me that music is a Universal language with no boundaries. 

3 Best Songs:
Only The Strong - A straight punch you in the mouth anthem off of “Venomous” had the attendees moshing around in the open floor area. Starting off fast with a nice little lead turns into a hardcore gem. Both guitarist(Ebenz and Agung) shred with legs up on the monitors while throwing their hair everywhere. They are obviously extremely skilled and very in tune with each other.
Beyond Coma - Starting your set off after the intro with an instrumental is almost unheard of. Nonetheless, it felt amazingly ballsy all the same. Just shredding and head banging for 4 minutes to warm up the audience.
Superficial - Simply, heavy as can be with unique time signature changes laced with slick guitar riffs and solos. Truly a song for the metal head in all of us. It is so creative that it sounds like two completely different songs that mesh together perfectly. 

Set list:
Beyond Coma
Darah Hitman Kebencian
Under The Scars
Shadow of Sorrow
Only The Strong

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