Bully @ High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI 11/05/2017

Strolling into the High Noon Saloon at the beginning of a young tour to back the newly released album “Losing”, Bully came out onto the small stage seemingly captivating the crowd almost instantly. Front woman Alicia Bognanno, the creative mind behind Bully’s lyrical content and much of the production work, introduced the band and chit chatted briefly with the crowd while tuning. From there a few swipe of the strings by lead guitarist Clayton Parker and off they went opening the set with “Either Way” leading right into “Brain Freeze”. With raspy screams and head banging, Bully kept the sizable crowd entertained. Every three songs the band tuned their instruments mixing in light chatter back and forth between the crowd and band members. This was a common theme throughout the evening. The middle of the set gave off vibes of 90s alternative rock. Nostalgic to say the least. Banging the skins Stewart Copeland smiled and banged through the set with efficiency only to help keep the rooms mood fun and light as the audience members swayed their heads collectively to every song. An encore consisted of 2 songs “Running” and “I Remember”. Cranking out tunes such as “Feel The Same”, “Not The Way” and “Hate and Control” from their brand new album it gave the fans more incentive to purchase at the venue. Almost immediately after Bully finished they left the small stage and headed back stage. Bully then emerged from the back room together to greet fans by autographing items and snapping photos.

Having already pumping out a critically acclaimed album titled “Feels Like” a majority of the set seems dedicated to the newer material while effectively mixing in songs from their previous release. In my humble opinion this is a must see show if you are a fan of rock……period.

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