Adema @ The Back Bar
Janesville, WI

The Back Bar seems to be the perfect setting for a band like Adema who are gaining momentum in the music World again. Back in the early 2000’s, my friends and I used to jam their first two albums “Adema” and “Unstable” all of the time. Personally, they are unfairly labeled as “Nu-Metal.” Maybe the first was, but ever since their albums are pretty straight up rock. The more recent EPs “Tornado”, “Insomniacs Dream”, and “Topple The Giant” give an insight into their growth as a band through all of the hardships and departures. Now though the band seem stronger than before with the main core and founding members Tim Fluckey and Mike Ransom on guitars, Dave Deroo laying down the thunder and Kris Kohls on the skins back intact. On vocals though is a new, yet somewhat familiar face to the rock scene. Ryan Schuck. Schuck, is the frontman for Julien-K and original founding member and guitarist of Orgy. There is a lot to look forward to with this small string of performances they are putting on. 

Set List:
1. Unstable
2. Close Friends
3. Everyone
4. Do What You Want To Do
5. Immortal
6. Co-Dependent
7. Freaking Out
8. The Way You Like It
9. Trust
10. Giving In

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