36 Crazyfists

36 Crazyfists @ Knuckledown Saloon, Madison, WI 10/15/2017

36 Crazyfists came out swinging on a rescheduled and moved Milwaukee show. This having been my first time seeing the group after first picking up an album of theirs back in 2002. I was lucky enough to get in and see the band play in an extremely intimate venue. The stage was small and the bar was full. A perfect way to watch a good old rock show. The rescheduling and size of venue didn’t phase the group in the least. Opening with the thunderous tune “Death Eater” off of their freshly released album “Laterns” the fans quickly got into it creating a small mosh pit right out front the stage. Brock Lindow’s vocals were spot on throughout the entire set. I very well could say they were album quality. I was blown away. Absolutely, blown away. No more did his unique vocals show than on “We Gave It Hell” off of “The Tide and Its Takers”. Guitarist Steve Holt’s strong shredding and energy filled antics were quite the visual sight from beginning to end. Pairing that with the strong playing and constant headbanging bassist Mick Whitney the duo were loud and strong. All in all the seasoned road veterans from Alaska put on an energy packed show for the captivated audience. Having played 5 very impressive songs off of their brand new album “Laterns” it was clear 36CF have never been stronger. They still inserted atleast a song off of every album they’ve released. That included 4 off of their most popular release “A Snow Capped Romance”. Closing out the gig they covered Alice In Chain’s “We Die Young” and probably their most popular tune “Slit Wrist Theory”. I was completely impressed and would absolutely see them again. Why I waited so long is beyond me. I am really kicking myself for that one. No doubt if you were a fan of rock/metal in the 2000s I would highly suggest catching one of their shows.

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